About Male Kink

What is Male Kink All About?

Male Kink aims to provide readers with useful content and resources relating to BDSM and the gay kinks in particular. We hope to become a destination for gay men who interested in learning more about the kinky lifestyle  as well as those who are already active in the BDSM community.

Our site features reviews of gay BDSM dating communities as well as hookup tips and advice for kinky gay men. We love to help our reader’s navigate the online dating world so that they can successfully meet new partners for exciting and safe encounters. To this end we include articles for dating success, providing readers with the advice and tricks that will help them improve their profile, their dates, and the men they eventually hookup with.

We hope you will consider subscribing to our feed and becoming a regular commenter. We are no longer adding regular updates to the site at this time, and have therefore suspended our newsletter subscription. We hope to be up and running fully again soon. I believe the success of this site will depend not only on the quality of our content but on the willingness of readers to share their knowledge and experience with others.

Thanks for reading and being your kinky self.