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I have a lot of respect for Caitlyn Jenner. Some may question her sensibilities because of who her family is, but I think that her connection to the Kardashian family says a lot about her business savvy and her ability to think long term. Who else can re-establish relevancy after forty years of silence in a totally different area of cultural life?

But some friends of mine were talking, and everyone was a little unclear as to how being a transgender woman was different from crossdressing. Recently, I hooked up with a university professor I’d met on who was down for all kinds of kinky teacher-student fantasies (but that’s another story.) Professor Smarty explained things to me.

If you’re looking for a hot sexy man to meet, Ms. Jenner is off the market. She actually never was on it because, put simply, MTF transgender women are… women. Crossdressing, or being a kinky transvestite, has nothing to with gender. Kinky men and women (cis and transgender) crossdress. It’s like dressing up or putting on a costume, whereas transgender is about your soul and what gender you identify as.

Let me tell you a little secret: I love it when my kinky male date decides to cross-dress. It’s really sexy to me, and may be worth a try as part of your own sexual repertoire!

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