How to Store Cum and Save Frozen Cum for Later

You may consider storing cum a fetish, but the truth is that cum collecting is not as uncommon as you might expect. It’s a practice that elevates kink to a whole new level — and cum collectors are legion.

But if you’re new to storing your cum, you’re probably thinking there’s something wrong with you, that you’re freakish. Rest assured, your instincts are as natural as your hunger for sex.

Collectors use it to snowball, or while they masturbate, or maybe they just feed it to their partner. What a way to play with multiple loads! Some guys even use it as lube. The possibilities are endless — so get on it!

How to Store Cum for Later

  1. Find yourself an airtight container with a lid.
  2. Freezer only, the fridge won’t do. Like any food, there’s a lifespan. Unless you want your cum to sour, keep it frozen until you’re ready to play.
  3. Thaw it at room temperature or in warm water.

How long does frozen cum last?

Some say weeks; others say months.

I agree with the latter. I’ve stored it for as long as three months without batting an eye. Besides, the longer it’s around, the more you’re able to top it up.

Topping up your cum collection.

It’s a bit of a waste to have one measly cumshot kicking around. You’ll want to be adding to it whenever you can to ensure a hefty load when playday arrives.

Be sure not to take it out of the freezer until you make the new deposit. It’s best to cum into some other kind of receptacle, then transfer it to the frozen collection.

The key is not to allow it to thaw — you don’t want to refreeze it. That would be like refreezing raw meat. Trust me:  you’ll notice the difference when cum eating. Which brings me to…

The taste of cum after freezing.

Even when perfectly stored, be prepared: it will never have the taste of fresh cum as you know it. Nor will it smell exactly the same.

Mixed cum is more pungent. But it’s certainly not repulsive. You’ll also notice the change in consistency: it won’t be as “chunky”.

Why saving your cum is a good idea.

It’s a worthwhile practice for cum fetishists when you consider the alternatives:

  • Purchasable “fake cum” is not even close to the real thing — you might as well suck soap suds.
  • A gallon of real cum from a posse of cocks can pose risks.
  • It’s free and you know where it came from!

Now get to the dollar store. Time for your very own cum jar.

Cum fetish ideas.

Interested in ideas for what to do with all the frozen cum you’ve saved up?

Read Kink Lovers’ article How to Enjoy Your Cum Fetish for 7 ways to play with cum.

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