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Sexy Military Man

My fetish for military men transcends every other kink I have. There’s something about the uniforms, regardless of rank, that just does it for me. Imagine a hot Air Force stud coming off base or a sexy Army Private standing at attention and waiting for you. As long as that uniform is pressed, I’m an equal-opportunity chaser of enlisted men and officers alike!

Role playing can be great because a guy doesn’t actually have to be in the military. He just needs to do a good job of portraying himself as my commander. I enjoy playing the submissive in these roles, as most of my playmates who are willing to dress up assume a dominant role. And if he’s into bondage and flogging, all the better!

If you don’t live next to a base in California or South Carolina and you don’t live next to a fetish club specializing in military men with an eye towards gay kink, where do you go to satisfy your need for a kinky fetish military fantasy?

From my personal experience is the best option. They have so many men online that even in a small town like this one, it’s easy to find a battalion of role playing soldiers to join me in my cantina. I have been on there since last year, and I’ve met quite a few willing (and very able!) hunks for no-strings hookup sex. Sometimes it’s just men in military uniforms, but other times you can find guys fresh out of the barracks, looking to hook up with a civilian who has a serious hard-on for men wearing medals. Of course, there’s nothing like the real deal!

Does a man in uniform do it for you?

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