Gay Military Kink and Roleplay Fetish

My fetish for gay military men transcends every other kink I have. There’s something about the uniforms, regardless of rank, that just does it for me.

Imagine a hot Air Force stud coming off base or a sexy Army Private standing at attention and waiting for you. As long as that uniform is pressed, I’m an equal-opportunity chaser of enlisted men and officers alike.

Gay Military Roleplay

Gay military roleplay can be great because a guy doesn’t actually have to be in the military. He just needs to do a good job of portraying himself as my commander.

I enjoy playing the submissive in these military roles, as most of my playmates are willing to dress up and assume a dominant role. And if he’s into bondage and flogging, all the better!

Finding Gay Military Play Partners

If you don’t live next to a base in California or South Carolina and you don’t live next to a fetish club specializing in military men with an eye toward gay kink, where do you go to satisfy your need for a kinky gay military fantasy?

From my personal experience, gay BDSM dating sites are the best option for meeting guys into gay military kink.

Popular gay kink sites have so many men online that even in a small town like mine, it’s easy to find a battalion of role-playing soldiers to join me in my cantina.

Sometimes it’s just men in military uniforms, but other times you can find guys fresh out of the barracks, looking to hook up with a civilian who has a serious hard-on for men wearing medals. Of course, there’s nothing like the real deal!

Do you have a kink for gay military men?

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