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Three Ways To Make Your Medical Fetish Come Alive

Sexy Shirtless Man with Stethoscope

“It’s alive!” That’s the way I like to think about all the hot hard kinky cocks I discover when I’m playing doctor during my hottest medical sex fetish fantasies.

So, what about bringing that medical fetish to life? It’s fun to think about the thin fabric of medical gowns and that sharp snap of rubber gloves, or that rubbing alcohol smell and an air conditioner cranked up to eleven. But what about all that in real life? Here are three things you can use to make playing with kinky men just what the doctor ordered.

1. Try a medical toy that corresponds to a standard kink. We’re all familiar with wrist restraints, but institutional wrist restraints are different. We know about disposable enemas you can get from a local drugstore, but an enema syringe will take the experience to a 19th century level. There are plenty of standard BDSM and kinky male sex toys that are made for medical fetish play.

2. Learn some medical jargon. We’ve all seen those hospital dramas on TV. In spite of all the sexual tension and drama in hospitals, you know that those are just actors talking like doctors. You can do that too. Pick up a copy of a medical textbook, learn some words, and take your dialogue to the next level.

3. Find a new friend to play doctor with. Sometime it’s best to get outside your comfort zone and go to the doctor. I have found that there are lots of guys on looking for hotties who also have a medical fetish. There are always new guys in that community looking to put on some scrubs and examine you!

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