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C’est la vie: sex with a condom sucks, too bad about all them diseases, huh?

Seems to me there are four options.

  1. Wear a condom and lose sensation. (Such is life.)
  2. Don’t have sex. (As if.)
  3. Don’t wear a condom and risk STDs. (As if.)
  4. Don’t wear a condom but limit your playbook. (It works!)

I’ve had the good fortune to meet and learn from guys who’ve mastered the art of #4, and although many of you might dig in your heels and insist that sex isn’t sex unless you ram your cock in someone’s hole, there are also plenty of guys who can happily find other ways of getting off if it means they can be condom-free.

Hands. Last year a friend of mine designated it “Year of the Handjob”. He practiced giving handjobs until he was in demand for it. For those of you who think handjobs are nothing more than a warm-up, I assure you that, with a little time and effort, a good wank can fill a whole session. Especially if you splurge on a high-quality oil. My friend has taken it to a level where he uses his hand as if it were the inside of an ass, keeping the action tight and greasy, and spewing fantasy-talk throughout.

Mouth. Obvious, I know, but when combined with the ass-hand fantasy, the mouth adds the over-the-edge element. What he does is this: if the hand is meant to be the inside of the ass, the mouth over the cockhead is that part of the ass deep enough to take the cum. Only it’s safe.

Ass cheeks. A classic. Sure, rubbing the underside of your cock between the asscheeks is not the same as burying it deep, but it still feels pretty awesome. It’s warm, smooth, and can safely deliver a load onto the bottom’s back.

Skin, skin, skin. Rub that cockskin all over each other! A greasy warm cock feels good everywhere, and there are so many nooks and crannies on the human body that would appreciate a decent cock rub.

It’s no problem for me if I’m with a guy who won’t wear a condom. All of the activities listed above are not only satisfying alternatives, they have a “necessity is the mother of all invention” quality: anal sex is easy, but without it we’re forced to be creative.

And the results can be more exciting than the standard in’n’out.

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