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How to Avoid Scams when Dating Online

If you’re doing any online dating at all, you may have come across some of the following tactics used by spammers, or suffered the disappointment of discovering the guy you’re communicating with does not have honest intentions. I’ve put together some simple ways to weed out a few bad apples on your search for bdsm fun.

  • Don’t reveal your personal details before meeting in person. Details like your home address and phone number are just the kinds of things scammers are looking for. Keep these quiet until you develop some face to face trust.
  • Do a google search. Looking up a potential partner’s username or even the text of their messages can be revealing. They may even pop up on one of many sites devoted to dating scams.
  • Avoid long distance relationships with strangers. Most scammers will avoid victims in their own area to avoid getting caught. And keeping it local is clearly your best chance for real hookups.
  • Is it their photo real? Here’s a great trick.. upload a potential partner’s photo to tineye.com. This site shows you other pages on the internet where the photo appears. Scammers often use photos they find online.
  • Watch out for immediate communication. Pay special attention when the hot guy you’re messaging with always responds immediately or within 15 minutes every time you send a message. You might be flirting with a bot!
  • Never open attachments from a stranger. Watch out for members who send you their picture in an attachment. You could be downloading a virus along for the ride when you open it.
  • Beware the sad story. Many scammers claim to have ill relatives or a similar sob story to tug at your heart strings. Or it might be an emergency in which only you can help. Another common scam involves a story in which the suitor is on their way to visit, but their credit card is being declined.
  • Lastly, never wire money to a stranger! And yes, if you haven’t met in person yet that hot submissive you’ve been messaging for weeks is still a stranger.

I wish you the best, and if you have any tips to add here, or a story that might help others ward off trouble, please share below!

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