Tomato Fetish? Make Your Own Tomato Sex Toy

Forget the garden variety cucumber, carrot, and zucchini; they’ve all had their day in the bedroom. Let’s talk tomato kink!

I heard about tomato fetish and this idea for tomato sex years ago on a late-night radio show, but only recently gave it a go. What had I been waiting for?

How to Make a Tomato Sex Toy

If funds are a little low for expensive toys, this is perfect. All you need for your tomato sex toy are a tomato and a microwave.

  1. You want a big tomato (size matters!) I recommend a Beefsteak, slightly under-ripe and firm.
  2. Core the center out all the way through (a small paring knife works best), about a 3/4 inch diameter.
  3. Then place the tomato in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. You want to warm the tomato, not cook it.

Enjoy Your Newfound Tomato Fetish

Think of your tomato sex toy as a warm juicy cock ring. Slide it up and down for ultimate pleasure.

This type of tomato play is something you can try on yourself or surprise your lover with, and he will be surprised!

When the tomato falls apart you both can share the spoils as tomato sex becomes ketchup sex.

Does anyone here have a bonafide tomato fetish?

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